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Climbay Machinery

With the experience from the past, boutique production and special metal machine manufacturer domestic and international research, development, project design and manufacturing. It is about 25 industrial training, short-term works and training understanding of assurance systems for our company's production knowledge.

Stable Growth Target

In the light of its stable growth target, it adapts to the technological developments required by the age, realizes the investments it needs, increases its competitive power by making serial productions within a team work and takes firm steps forward towards its goals.

With its customer-oriented and flexible production approach, it does not compromise on quality, and with its experienced and knowledgeable staff, it produces all kinds of machinery equipment metal parts, including R&D design, manufacturing and assembly.

Our Mission

It is based on quality and safety, in a professional and disciplined manner, in international quality standards, manufacturing and project management has adopted the principle of providing domestic, industry and country security.

Our Vision

It is to represent our country and our company in the best way in line with its own and international values, by using its resources correctly, valuing its commercial and social relations with a sense of integrity, keeping mutual trust in the foreground.